The meeting of Real Estate, Digital and Network Marketing.

iad's vision
At iad, we have a different vision of real estate thanks to our innovative model: the digitalization of the physical agency via a network of independent agents.

Because a real estate project is an important step in everyone’s life, at iad we place People at the heart of our model, to give everyone the opportunity to change their lives and build an international business.

This is why we have created a new model, more human & supportive, where everyone's efforts contribute to the group's success. A model, that gives the opportunity to everyone to be a winner, whether you are a buyer, a seller or an agent.

iad, doing real estate a world of good !

iad's figures


employees in 6 countries across the globe

+18 000
+18 000

independent agents

+70 000
+70 000

online properties

526 M€
526 M€

turnover (2022)

Looking for an international opportunity?

Join one of our offices across the the globe!


In the city center of Paris or in the middle of nature in Lieusaint, you will enjoy a pleasant and friendly environment.


Porto, a pleasant environment close to the Atlantic coast.


At the heart of Barcelona, a few steps from the Mediterranean Sea.


A strategic position and the gateway to the New World.


Milan, a cosmopolitan city and the Italian economic capital.


In Frankfurt, a major European crossroads.